a boon for developing economies contract manufacturing

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Contract manufacturing is a delight for companies who look to prosper along with renowned establishments. It refers to giving engineering of own goods to another manufacturer by a company that lawfully owns the product design and rational property rights. It also refers to the control-based rebranding which symbolizes a procedure in which a company is using a product or material manufactured by another company within its production or there may be chances that a company is vending the artifact of an additional company. Contract manufacturers always produce in bulk and they are generally specialized in a particular segment or particular group of products. For example, if we take medical device technology, contract manufacturing employed usually takes care of assembling, coating, cutting, fabrication machining, micromachining, etc.


Nowadays outsourcing has become a catchphrase in the business world. Some companies are providing step ahead services such as contract manufacturing that is known as CRAMS i.e. Contract Research and Manufacturing Services. The acronym CRAMS simply states that internal research which demands huge investment and then outsourcing production is consecutively becomes an affair of Contract manufacturers. The recent changes in the market like increased competition, product development pipelines, formal approvals and passing the strict quality standard, acceleration of time to market new products, and inflated prices pressures have been owned by contract manufacturers efficiently and proficiently and that is why most of the companies especially pharmaceutical companies are compelled to outsource the product development in the form of contract manufacturing.


  • Intermediaries
  • APIs
  • Formulations
  • Custom Synthesis


Akums pharmaceutical is an innovative and technology-driven pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company that specializes in Research and development, Finding and development, manufacturing, and marketing of generic and branded formulations. Being a contract manufacturer, it holds a business model which has the following highlights and makes it a one-stop solution for contract manufacturing services:


  • New formulations with DCGI Approvals
  • Contract Research and manufacturing services (CRAMS)
  • Technology Transfer
  • Formulations and development of novel drugs delivery system
  • Technology collaboration and joint venture
  • Loan license
  • Institutional Business


The process to outsource the major portion of the business operation as mentioned above provide an edge to the companies to increase their focus on other core functionalities, expand their business and focus on other emerging needs of the market. In this field pharmaceutical outsourcing is a revolutionary concept and all big and small companies are opting for the same. Being in collaboration with contract manufacturers, companies are escaping from various challenges in the supply chain. The companies that are novices tend to face failure and challenges too. Some companies, are not likely to do a lot of experiments and generally stick to their patterns only. This gives a platform for other companies to enter into contract manufacturing to get assistance for packaging, manufacturing, and other services. So if we look broadly, Contract manufacturers are shaping the economy stronger, they are not only manufacturers but they are adding value and life to the industry. They are giving consistent growth to the industries to establish, expand and outreach so kudos to this boon.