Employees at Akums are the prime focus of the Organization. The company constantly works at keeping the Akums family together and to create an environment of celebration, delight and happiness. Akums strongly believes in unleashing the real potential of every member and nurturing their holistic growth through engrossing activities. The company endeavors to nurture talent by organizing events that are full of fun and offer insights for the group.

Festivities never go unnoticed at Akums and are celebrated with much vigor.

Whether it’s a DJ party and food fiesta on Diwali, or Mata ki chauki on Navratris, or a bonfire on Lohri or a colour splash on holi, each of the festivals is celebrated zealously and as one unit.

We at Akums don’t need a reason to celebrate, we believe that life is a celebration and so is every day.

We have

  • ‘Manthan’- a monthly gathering specially organized each month so the talent in us doesn’t die or goes unseen. The stage is offered to different groups each month, where they put up a show for the rest of the office. The event witnesses different departments showcase their best performances on stage. This monthly event is an occasion for the entire organization to get together and make memories, cheer and laugh together. The show has Games, Group and solo dancing, singing, skits, musicals, satires, management games, acknowledgement for the most punctual, best attendance, birthdays and anniversaries through the month. Also, we have the new members who join us that month introduce themselves to the whole family.

  • An offsite as a movie for the whole group.
  • Weekly Lets chat sessions
  • Weekly Fun with learning sessions
  • An Annual offsite
  • The list does not end here! The annual family get together of Akums’s employees is an even not to be missed. This massive occasion brings together the staff members and their full families together for a mega event for a full day. The day is full of entertainment and enthusiasm. This day is a day not just us, but our families also eagerly look forward to.