Corporate Social Responsibility

Composition of CSR Committee:
a) Shri Sanjeev Jain
b) Shri Sandeep Jain
c) Shri N.L Kalra
d) Dr. Amit Varma

CSR Policy

CSR Projects

As a law abiding and ethical company, Akums is committed to operating business with emphasis on CSR in all areas of its operations and the contributions are way more than what is required by the letter of law.

A well-structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy has been framed for the organization so ensure proactive activity all through the year towards the evolving needs of the society and towards contributing to the overall health and wellness of our world.

The CSR policy ensures that the company and the various constituents work towards the continual nurturing of environment by integrating such principles and practices into the business. The organization has a holistic policy that aims to generate economic value for the nation and work towards the wellbeing of the society.

The Company’s policy is aimed at building the micro roadmap towards the macro vision of sustainable development and ethical practices. This may include patient health, employee and public safety, nurturing of the environment and building sustainable communities.

Akums breathes the philosophy that goodness is the only investment that never fails!

Akums way of making a difference:

  1. Supports several development schemes, road passenger amenities, road side greenery, police booths and employee economic development amenities. Drinking water booths are set and trees are planted regularly in the industrial area in Haridwar.
  2. AKUMS has been contributing graciously for the upliftment of society & people in need by distributing woolen clothes to school children, free medicines donated to various Dispensaries and medical camps and charitable hospitals.
  3. Active and enthusiastic contribution to GANGA CLEANING DRIVE is done. Akums supports the drive with availability of tractors & trolleys and also Akums employees voluntarily giving their services in the cleaning holy river Ganga.
  4. Since the year 2011, World Blood Donor day, Akums has been organizing the Blood Donation camp each year. Akums employees enthusiastically donated blood to collect colossal 1040 units of Blood in 2015. The blood was submitted to three Institutional trusts including Red Cross Society.
  5. Organizes workshops on generating awareness on HIV/AIDS in collaboration with Uttarakhand State Aids Control Society (USACS).
  6. A park of area of 32000 sq. feet in Delhi has been adopted by Akums. Beautiful plants of various varieties have been planted by Akums employees and the park is fully maintained by Akums. There are dedicated gardners who look after the upkeep of the park.
  7. Always in for help . Akums was the first to send three trucks loaded with the food packets, water and other basic amenities to the flood-hit areas of Uttarakhand to contribute its bit at the time of Severe Natural calamity recently in June 2013. Akums employees also voluntarily donated their 1 day’s salary and the collected amount was donated to the PM Relief Fund.
  8. During 2012, some regions of Uttarkashi were badly hit by flood, Akums supported flood victims voluntarily with food, drinking water, medicines and clothing.
  9. Workshops for Empowering Female Staff members with Self-Defense techniques. Training given by Safe Women Foundation (SWF) . Safety kits were provided to female employees by Akums. Akums has nearly 50% women employees at the Head Office and nearly 40% Women employees at the units.
  10. AKUMS provides transport facilities, partly free & partly subsidized food facilities to its employees.
  11. As a part of keeping the environment free of pollution, Akums has proper system for disposal of factory waste –
    1. Establishment of STP/ETP for water recycling.
    2. Rain water harvesting pit for saving and reserve of water.
    3. 30% maintained green area in factory premises.
  12. Akums have enough water storage capacity to tackle fire accidents. In the past Akums has supported other adjoining factories in case of need or during fire outbreak. We have sufficient quantity of water reservoir to control the situation.
  13. AKUMS has provided employment to around 5000 people and is responsive to their wellbeing. It is not employment of people; 5000 families thrive with such employment. Understanding the values of social responsibilities, AKUMS HEALTH & EDUCATION SOCIETY has been registered under Societies Act to promote health centers, hospitals and education centers. AKUMS believe that socially responsible products, socially responsible employee relationship and deep commitment to wellbeing of employees are contributions to Society.