Environment, Health & Safety

With the firm belief in responsible business practices as the core corporate value, Akums is keen on managing the environmental impact of its business operations. The company ethics aim to promote a safe & healthy workplace for employees and the community. It takes holistic approach in understanding and managing various verticals across product life cycles to direct its operations in a sustainable manner.

Akums’ commitment to environmental improvement and sustainability ensures compliance with all applicable EHS laws in all countries in which it operates. It abides by the occupational health and safety standards and aims to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of officials & workers. The processes are defined keeping the importance of EHS as a corporate culture within the organization that ensures to minimize any health hazard at the time of production.

Safeguarding Employees

Educating, training and motivating Akums colleagues to work in a safe, environmentally responsible manner well reflects in the company’s value statements. The company continues to highlight full compliance with legal requirements and has developed a clear vision for embracing the employee safety programs. Myriad of measures to prevent workers from succumbing to accidents and developing work related diseases include:

  • Oxygen cylinders and full body suits with no external air exchange provided in the production area for hormones to the workers to safe guard the tiniest health hazard.
  • Compressed air showers at entry and exit for all entrants to enable shedding of all foreign particles off the surface of the body.
  • Trainings of safety beyond the premises- safety at home and road safety are also provided.
  • 24 hrs ambulance facility for the employees and in-house dispensary to cater to emergencies.
  • Fire drill carried out each month and sufficient water tapped in-house to fight any unfortunate fire possibility.

Health & Safety

Akums adheres to the highest standards of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance and aims for the highest international standards in plant design, equipment selection, maintenance and operations. Periodic preventive maintenance of boilers & generators and internal & external inspections ensure the machines & equipment do not emit pollution. The fuels and lubricants used in the machines and equipment (especially generator sets) are of highest quality that confirms minimum discharge of pollutants.

A proper system of waste management is regularized with Bharat Oil &Waste Management Ltd (BOWL) for Recycling of Wastes & Bio-Degradable. Akums has proper system for disposal of factory waste and this is done through a systematized process as listed below:

(A) Establishment of STP/ETP for water recycling.
(B) Rain water harvesting pit for saving and reserve of water.
(C) 30% maintained green area in factory premises.

The abiding concern of the company extends beyond business and it remains committed to safety and welfare of the community and the environment in which it carries is operations. Constant efforts to reduce the carbon footprints have been taken up by the company. Several voluntary environmental initiatives include:

  • Clean Ganga voluntarily drives
  • Maintenance of 8 Km of green belt
  • Afforestation drive each year
  • Awareness workshops on HIV/AIDS
  • Supply of free medicine to medical camps and charitable hospitals.
  • Supports several development schemes, road passenger amenities, road side greenery, police booths and employee economic development amenities