At Akums, we unify beauty with science to provide innovative cosmetic and dermatological products that cater to the specific needs of each individual.

We understand that every individual’s skin is unique; therefore, we offer our clients personalized solutions for all skin types.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing along with R&D, coupled with commitment to quality, make Akums stands out as a top-tier cosmetic and derma manufacturer in the market.



Akums develops a wide range of scientifically- backed skincare and personal care products using cutting-edge technologies.


Akums ensure a contamination-free product and easy customer use by including both innovative and inert packing materials.


Akums conform to ethical norms In all of its formulations and prohibited any form of animal testing.


Akums ensures that all formulations adhere to regulatory rules while maintaining exceptionally high-quality standards.







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    Scientifically based innovation is critical in the cosmetic and derma sector since it helps to assure the safety, efficacy, and excellence of the products being developed and commercialized.

    Akums creates scientific formulations with new and enhanced active ingredients that can improve the effectiveness of cosmetic and derma products. These contain elements that boost the moisturizing, anti-aging, or skin-repairing characteristics of skincare products.

    Akums scientific testing validates the claims of cosmetic and derma products through clinical and toxicological studies, assuring that they are safe and effective for use and do not pose harm to human health.



    Nutra-cosmetics is founded on the idea that beauty originates inside, and it necessitates a grasp of the significance of balanced nutrition. One way is to use antioxidants, skin-brightening vitamins, and plant-based medicines to protect the skin from environmental stressors such as UV radiation, pollution, and stress.

    Akums believes that a cosmetic industry revolution is on the horizon, with nutra-cosmetics expected to become more widespread in the market. Akums has developed an array of innovative products, including Biotin, Collagen beauty builder, Biotin with neem pills, Ayurveda anti-Hairloss effervescent tablets, Ayurvedic hair growth and immunity effervescent tablets, and Plant-based biotin effervescent tablets, all of which are extremely effective.

    New Ranges offered by Akums

    Vitamin C Range

    Dead Sea Range

    Green Tea Range

    Keratine Range

    Sun Care Range

    Anti Scar Range

    Anti Acne Range

    De-pigmentation Range

    Age Control Range

    Anti inflammation Range



    Excellence in R&D and Innovation award 2022 by ET Ascent
    Innovation in Nutraceutical cosmetic & Wellness award 2022 by CMO Asia
    The Best of North awards 2023 by e4m


    In addition to our standard skincare products like moisturizers, creams, and serums for hyperpigmentation, acne, and sensitive skin, we also manufacture products that address specific skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. Our skincare and cosmetic products are of high quality and contain clinically proven and potent ingredients that are both effective and safe to use. Akums continuously researches and tests new entities and formulations to provide our clients with superior, unique products.

    Akums offers a team of scientists and innovative product development specialists that can help our clients realise their vision, from concept to commercialised goods. We use cutting-edge technology and do significant research to develop safe and effective personal care products. This distinguishes our client in the market. Our unique formulation services encompass everything from original concept and formulation research to production and packaging.

    We work closely with our clients to meet their production deadlines and deliver items on time. Our modern manufacturing facilities and professional production team enable us to produce high-quality goods in large quantities while adhering to strict quality and safety standards. We are committed to developing and delivering goods that exceed our client’s expectations.

    Throughout our product development process, we adhere to stringent ethical and regulatory norms, and all of our products are thoroughly examined for safety and efficacy utilizing non-animal testing techniques. Our raw material suppliers must additionally offer evidence confirming that their components have not been tested on animals. As cosmetics manufacturers, we also realize our responsibility to emphasize animal and environmental welfare in all we do.

    Akums specializes in using natural and synthetic substances in our formulations to ensure that our solutions are safe, effective, and satisfy the highest quality requirements. We employ natural components like botanical extracts, essential oils, and plant-based oils to deliver skin advantages, including hydration, nutrition, and antioxidant protection. We also utilize synthetic substances such as ceramides and vitamin C to target skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

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