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The task looks pretty difficult to look around for the best and most popular dermatology contract manufacturing companies. Dermatology and cosmetology is expanding widely on the global front. This has become the breeding ground for many investments due to expensive opportunities and innovative discoveries. The world is facing global warming and many other atmospheric imbalances due to which pollution and moisture raise health, especially skin concerns. People look for the best derma CM to meet this requirement  and this search ends with one name which has taken a big lead in Derma contract manufacturing is Akums. Akums is the brand established with one single manufacturing unit exclusively dedicated to oral dosage in Haridwar has now been extended its horizons with 10 State-of-the-art dedicated Production, Facilities equipped to produce all modern dosage forms such as tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, powder in sachets, liquid syrups and suspensions, injections, eye/ear drops, ointments, creams, gels, lotions, Ayurveda and herbal preparations, nutraceutical, cosmetic preparations and many more.


Akums pharmaceuticals are the trailblazer in pharma manufacturing and contract manufacturing across the globe. They are well-established and distinguished units for derma products. With a strong foundation of trustworthy medications and immaculate services, Akums lead the pharmaceutical industry with progress in the manufacturing sector which helped the company to establish itself as one of the best dermatology contact manufacturers. Its contribution to the dermatology pharmaceuticals sector has remained incredible. It has been titled as the leading manufacturer of derma medicines for years. The invaluable services in the pharmaceutical business have led to a sharp growth for associated members. It is a name that can be trusted on stringent quality maintenance and complete accuracy. The Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP)and Good laboratory practice  (GLP) certified equipment of the manufacturing units bear excellent conditions and work very well.


With the best quality products checked thoroughly before they hit the market, Akums has spread its wings largely in the pharmaceutical industry. The premises of production are contamination-free and sterile.


Following are the highlights of Akums being having the best dermatology contract manufacturing units :

  • Modern equipment or machinery for the products of medicines.
  • Harmonious and crystal clear relationships with clients and associates.
  • Upholding the manufacturing practices to the standard of ISO-WHO.
  • Skilled and trained expertise deployed staff to manufacture and to look for innovations.
  • Firm recipients of the richest and purest ingredients for finished goods.
  • The derma products are produced, prepared, packed in Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) approved manufacturing plants.
  • Responsible for maintaining the best manufacturing conditions for the production of medicines.
  • Experienced in catering to global requirements.


Akums has marked its presence in the Indian & International pharmaceutical space with its excellence and perfection. With industrialized proficiency along with innovation & eminence aptitude, the company has effectively registered itself in the lead of distinguished names in pharmacy. Akums Pharmaceutical is a principled Pharma foundation that carried its appellation ahead on the principles of quality and trustworthiness.