evolution of the cosmetics industry contract manufacturing

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Some people believe that cosmetics products are recently invented but if we look back in history, thousands of years back we may trace the discoveries of the usage of cosmetics. There were some remains of palettes found to be around 100000 years old that held the traces of mixed colors used to cave art and body decoration. Even there were times of ornamentation to make different statements of personality. People used scented oils and ointments to clean the skin and make it soft, protect the same from the sun and dust. Heavy eye makeup became popular in ancient Egypt too and the purpose was to protect from evil spirits and improve eyesight. Discoveries are showing that different beauty products were used long before when the cosmetics industries were not even incepted. People were bothered to look after their skin, beauty, and overall look.


The demand for cosmetics is not presently generated; its roots are lying way back in history. With modernization and globalization, the sense of self-presentation has taken a big leap. Even the climatic and atmospheric imbalances and instabilities have raised the demand of the cosmetic industry at a high speed. The demand is observed globally and it has been proven through different research that the global beauty industry includes cosmetics, deodorants, fragrances, hair care, oral hygiene, and skincare. Today global sales of cosmetics are in excess.


Since the nineteenth century this industry has transformed a lot, from small firms to bigger brands emerging in the said industry. The researchers have also proven the growth of cosmetics industry worldwide. Things got modified a lot and led to the globalization of beauty and it also affected the consumer perception of what it means to be beautiful. During the growth period, it was observed that the consumption demand for cosmetics among teenagers went up at a hike due to increasing awareness and the desire to look good. People started thinking that looking good boosts confidence. Quality and value for money have been raised by the consumers substantially from years 2005 to 2015. It has also been noticed that a rising aspiration to look better also witnessed a growth of more than 42% in the last five years. It has also been proved that this growth rate is faster than the growth rate of the total personal care and beauty industry in India.


There were so many factors observed that escalated the demand and supply of cosmetic range. Different manufacturing companies tried their luck to meet the demand but this demand has kept on escalating. To meet this ever-stretching cosmetics industry and to cut down the cost of manufacturing, Cosmetic contract manufacturing came to light. With efficient staff deployed with remarkable expertise, modern machinery to produce goods with stringent quality, global expansion, and the flexibility to scale up the production, cosmetics contract manufacturers have brought revolution.


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