Research & Development

Akums is a technology driven company supported by extensive R&D and F&D departments; coupled with well equipped laboratories and best talented technical officials of the industry. Great Emphasis is laid on Upgrading process technology, Cost reduction, Pilot plant Research, Improvement in Quality, Optimum utilization of resources, Development of new products. In its essence, improving the quality of formulations and developing newer & innovative dosage forms are the ongoing jobs of the F&D departments. Akums Laboratory is fully equipped for Physical and metallurgical testing, Micro-biological testing, Effective controls of process, Chemical testing, Pharmacological testing, Stability Studies etc.

Akums has centralized R&D Unit for all the dosage forms comprising of creme de la creme of the industry professionals. Our R&D is DSIR Registered (Government of India)

At the R&D centre its not only the new products that we work towards. We work on making the existing ones better. The direction of the effort covers all ground starting from ingenious, simple, path breaking, 1st timers to cost effective. We work at simple things that make a world of a difference when it comes to patient compliance, increased bioavailability, patient comfort, doctor confidence etc and reflects the ground we cover for customers along with our clients. We work at making tablets & capsules smaller by working on new excipients, making them cheaper; increasing the absorption of drugs by NDDSs and novel ideas; creating injections that are painless and so much more.

There are various products that we developed that are 1st time in India and quite a few that are 1st time in the world. Owing to this we have More than 670 DCGI permissions; the figure is highest across India.