shaping a better future india’s best employer

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Best Employers know the worth of humans in shaping the destiny of the world tomorrow. They are committed to society and mankind. With a vision to dedicate themselves to humanity’s quest for longer, healthier and happier lives, through innovative healthcare products, AKUMS is India’s single largest Contract Research and Manufacturing (CRAMS) organization responsible for manufacturing more than 12% of country’s total domestically consumed medicines.  The organization through consistent endeavors of growth, expansion, innovation has outshined as India’s Best Employer.


Being the Best Employer requires a holistic approach to building a work environment in which employees are constantly engrossed and committed to business success. They transmit their vision to get the synergy and achieve the target successfully. Akums has been developing new formulations for so long. The results unveil in the form of making it the icon of quality formulation in India with an agenda of proliferating unique formulations that enhance the overall quality. The quality comes with the focused leaders associated with AKUMS who are dedicated, devoted, and continuously striving for excellence. Most recruits, especially top-notch workforce, foresee change and respond to the ambiguity in the business environment by constantly learning about their business and updating their job skills. To nurture staff with updated knowledge and industry dynamics, the company conducts regular training sessions through a specially formed, Training Department.


Best Employers create an environment in which employees’ needs are met, employees are more engaged, and people get motivated to do their best work. This is an achievement to which many companies seek. Akums, the brand established with one single manufacturing unit exclusively dedicated to oral dosage in Haridwar has now been extended its horizons with 3 API and 10 State-of-the-art Dedicated Production, Facilities equipped to produce all modern dosage forms, herbal preparations, nutraceutical, cosmetic preparations and many more is an epitome of unique company culture, highly aligned leadership, growth of talent, strong sense of accountability, Aligned HR Practices and Excellent Execution. These are the best Employers traits that are universally uncovered and are mentioned in the reference of Akums which has proven its caliber in the field of entrepreneurship successfully.


The organization is considered progressive with its quest for innovation and incorporation of sophisticated technology as per the demand of the time. Blessed with well-built infrastructural support and technical expertise, AKUMS caters a considerable percentage of medicinal requirements in India.


Making innovation as its forte, the company has brought a technical revolution in the production strategies of medicines. The unwavering endeavors of the highly technical and dedicated staff have brought advancement not only in its prevailing products, but also in Research and Development, and various facets of production amongst others.


Akums employs the best of the industry’s technical officials in the Production & Product Development Department. Their unremitting down to business efforts on the present and future needs of the market is devoted to meeting the customer requirements through regular working on Technology, Quality, drug delivery systems, Packaging, and more.


This is a phenomenal achievement that not only demonstrates the leadership abilities of the winners but also the culture of nurturing greatness and talent in people. Akums is exceedingly appreciated to serve humanity, through its trained employees by nurturing them with positivity and passion.