sustainable development


sustainable development

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Akums lives the idea that goodness is the only asset that never fails!


What is Corporate Social Responsibility?


Social Corporate responsibility is an intrinsic component of trade policy that shapes the value system sustaining the Company’s vision & mission at Akums drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The Company’s policy is intended to build the micro roadmap toward the macro vision of sustainable development and ethical practices.


This business strategy is accountable for the proceedings, practices, conclusions, and preferences made by the manpower as they connect with society. Its broader outlines wrap up how Akums works and follow its values in its products to ensure a sustainable work environment. Social responsibility is an integral part of the business culture. Therefore, the policy is drafted to beneficially and constantly furnish back to humanity and contribute to societal well-being. The visionaries, Mr. Sandeep Jain and Mr. Sanjeev Jain, Founders & Directors who incepted Akums drugs and pharmaceuticals Ltd in 2004, carried this thought in every Company’s endeavour and centralized this thought to all the policies that contribute toward the welfare of the society.


With a strong trust in responsible commercial practices as the core value, Akums is keen on handling the environmental influence of its business processes. The corporation principles aim to endorse a safe & healthy workstation for workforces and the communal. It takes an all-inclusive tactic in accepting and running various verticals across product life cycles to direct its procedures sustainably.


Akums Sustainable Environment Activities


Akum’s assurance of ecological enhancement and sustainability ensures obedience to all pertinent Environment, Health, and Safety laws in all the realms it functions. Furthermore, it abides by professional well-being and safety standards to stimulate and uphold the uppermost notch of physical, intellectual, and public welfare of manpower.


Akums obeys the ultimate ethics of Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) performance and wishes to maintain international standards in plant strategy, apparatus assortment, preservation, and processes. Proper maintenance and environment monitoring of boilers & generators and regular inspections ensure the machines & equipment do not emit pollution.


An apt system of waste management is regularized for Recycling of Wastes & Bio-Degradable. It also has a suitable solid and biomedical waste disposal system, which is done through a systematized process. Moreover, it has maintained an Effluent treatment plant and Sewage Treatment Plants to cure the wastewater to get it recycled.


Even rainwater harvesting is channelized to save water. It monitors the groundwater level and which liquid storage areas are equipped with secondary containment. Akums maintains a lavish green area of approx. 30% in factory premises and always monitors to conserve natural resources.


Key Takeaways

  • All Akums facilities have valid Consent to Operate, NOC, and Authorization from the concerned government authorities.
  • Akums ensures and abides by its commitments to prevent pollution and/or minimize it through suitable technologies.
  • The abiding concern of the company extends beyond business and it remains committed to the safety and welfare of the community and the environment.

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