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The Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company: Necessary Regulatory Experience, Right Expertise &capabilities

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With the establishment of a gamut of third-party pharma manufacturers, how do you decide which one to pick for outsourcing manufacturing of your brand? As difficult as the question may sound, the answer is relatively easy. Top-notch contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies must possess some qualities to gain the trust of pharma brands. Read ahead to know what a pharma company looks at while searching for a reliable third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing company.


Regulatory Experience


Certain regulations apply to manufacturing. A reputable manufacturing company is well-versed in all the nitty-gritty of the regulatory process. A company with international accreditations such as WHO GMP and ISO knows the ways the regulatory processes work and therefore ensures that all regulations comply. Also, this dynamic field is equally governed by ever-changing regulations. These call for a premier integrated pharmaceutical company that is innovative and knows how to sail safely through regulatory challenges.




Having certain biases is only human. But that should not come in the way of making important decisions. Relying on a third-party pharma manufacturing firm helps get expert advice along with quality products. Expertise can only be gained with experience. Well-known contract pharma manufacturers that have relevant experience pave the way for their partner companies to their respective goals. They have an eye for trends and demands sweeping the market, thereby providing marketing services also to partner companies.




Infrastructure occupies a center stage of capabilities in determining the functional capacity of any pharma contract manufacturer. A frequent setback witnessed by many pharma companies is when it comes to large-scale production, either compromised quality or delayed delivery of the product is seen. Both these situations are unacceptable for any reputable pharma company. It is therefore essential that the manufacturing facility is adept at producing large-scale orders with the same quality as is delivered for small-scale orders. We know that top manufacturing companies cater to multiple companies at the same time. Therefore, having sufficient space and equipment is needed so that increased order demand can be successfully met. Besides, the manufacturing unit must possess the necessary equipment to cater to the diverse needs of the type of medicines that brands want to furnish: liquid, solid, or semi-solid.


Now that you know, it becomes easy to tick off the relevant qualities and pick the best contract manufacturing company for outsourcing manufacturing. For instance, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading name in pharma manufacturing? Besides offering world-class products to its partner companies, it also provides client servicing on the global stage. Akums stands tall in the pharma industry with over 650 FSSAI approvals and over 900 ‘New Drug Approvals’ from DCGI.