top 5 benefits of softgel capsules

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Soft Gelatin Capsules


Capsules are an easy way to take medications and nutritional supplements. Food supplements and prebiotics are encapsulated for convenient on-the-go administration. That is the reason they have become the priority of the pharmaceutical sector. Capsules are categorized under two categories, hard Gel and Soft Gel. Soft gel capsules, also known as gelatin capsules, have an outer inactive coating containing the active ingredients and fillers. The outer shell is made of gelatin with a combination of water and plasticizing agents such as glycerin to provide strength and elasticity. The filled substance must be in the form of liquid, paste, or suspension.


Advantages of Soft Gelatin Capsules


Using gelatin capsules has many advantages, which is why it is highly in demand. Let us explore the benefits of soft gelatin:

• Studies reveal that Gelatin capsules have the quality that they are easily digested and can dissolve within a few minutes of reaching the stomach. This guarantees that the medication or supplement will not bypass the digestive system without being absorbed. Soft gelatin capsules are hermetically preserved and sealed. This makes them secure because any pierce on the surface would cause noticeable damage. Additionally, the potted capsule protects the energetic ingredients from oxygen, an advantage significant for substances that tend to become rotten, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil. If the tablet is dense, it also protects the active ingredients from the light, which deteriorates some substances.


• Consuming is always easy as they have a smooth texture. Soft gelatin capsules are more accessible to gulp down than tablets, caplets, and other pills. Solutions or suspensions with an unlikable smell or flavor can be easily ingested in a soft gelatin capsule dosage form, offering an orderly exterior and suitable ingestion.


• The soft gelatin dosage form aids in the delivery of low and ultra-low doses of a drug, liquid matrix designed to solubilize and increase the oral bioavailability of a weakly soluble molecule in the shape of a unit dose solid dosage form.


• It provides a patient-friendly dosage form for oral administration. They are suitable for low-dose drugs that are lipid-soluble as it allows and provides more excellent uniformity of content.


Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is well known globally spread contract manufacturer. Akums is a technology-driven company with extensive R&D and F&D departments, united with well-resourced laboratories and the best endowed industrial officials in the industry. Immense stress is laid on the advancement of process technology, price lessening, Pilot plant Research, enhancement in Quality, best use of resources, and growth of new products. At its core, improving the Quality of formulations and developing innovative dosage forms are the continuing responsibility.


Akums plant one is wholly dedicated to preparing and manufacturing solid orals like tablets, Hard Gelatin Capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Dry Syrups & Sachet. With a vast capacity for manufacturing the same, they are known as the renowned soft gel producers in the industry. Have a glimpse of its production capacity:




  • Tablets
  • Hard Gelatin Capsule
  • Soft Gelatin Capsules
  • Sachets


WHO GMP | GLP | NSF International | TFDA Tanzania NDA Uganda FDB Ghana | NMRA-Sri Lanka ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 17025:2005 | R&D Certification from DSIR | NAFDAC Nigeria | FDA Philippines | DPML Ivory Coast MOH Vietnam | ISO 14001:2015 | HACCP | PMPB Malawi PPB Kenya | MOH Kazakhstan | MOH Yemen | NPRA – Malaysia


These approvals reflect that the products produced pass through the specified standards. With so many accreditations and licenses, Akums is considered the most efficient bulk producer of Soft gel capsules.


Key Takeaways

  • Capsules as medication are categorized under two categories, hard Gel, and soft gel.
  • Soft gel capsules are also known as Gelatin capsules having an outer coating or shell containing the active ingredients and fillers.
  • With a huge capacity for manufacturing soft gel capsules, Akums drugs and pharmaceuticals Ltd are known as the renowned soft gel producers in the industry.