two piece capsules vs soft gelatin capsules

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General Introduction


The health care sector is the most successful. This sector is helping many to survive every day, healing, curing, and igniting a hope of looking beyond their miseries. They are the most dedicated sector in the service of humanity and prove themselves as the mode of survival of this community too. Only the healthcare sector helped to overcome this Pandemic which emerged abruptly in 2019. When everyone was filled with panic, stress, and anxiety, only the healthcare sector offered numerous ways to fight these Covid uncertainties. Society will remain indebted for all the services they provide promptly and swiftly.


Curing or healing from diseases is possible through different medications. Soft gel capsules and two pieces’ capsules are commonly used during any treatment. Both these capsules are pretty trendy yet have different pros and cons. Let's explore more on this to know about each of them in detail.


Two-Piece Capsules vs. Soft Gelatin Capsules


A few reasons for the rise in demand for soft gelatin capsules include that they are simple to consume, have better taste masking technology for bitter API, and are aesthetically pleasing. Soft gelatin capsules, also known as soft gels or elastic capsules, are one-piece hermetically sealed capsules that contain fluid, suspension, or semisolid. They have long been the preferred dose form for consuming nutritional and health supplements. Sot gels are created from a flexible gelatin sheet that has been plasticized with glycerin, sorbitol, or a similar polyol. Large scale investments for the equipment and machinery, well-built advanced infrastructure to support the process, and specialized high skilled operators required to prepare the same. The production process of soft gel is time-consuming and difficult to optimize in terms of fill weight, weight variance, and so on.


Two-piece capsules, also known as hard gelatin capsules, are made up of two prefabricated, cylindrical portions (a cap and a body), each with one rounded, closed end and one open end where medicinal substances are encapsulated in a tiny shape. Preparing soft gel is considerably different from the two capsules, which are comparatively easier to manufacture. Two empty pieces of capsules are bought and then filled with capsule filling equipment, contrary to soft gel manufacturing which is complex, expensive, and requires additional special pharmaceutical equipment. The group seal holds two-piece capsules together to prevent the inner filling and provide extra strength to the shell itself, while soft gel capsules fully protect all sensitive ingredients.


The soft gel apparatus needs extensive experience and equipment knowledge, creating an overall labor process. Adding up to the complication of the procedure connected with soft-gel capsule molding, it also requires an enormously huge specially made room to accommodate the large size and multiple pieces of the equipment. Furthermore, exact ecological necessities such as warmth and moisture control must be met, bearing in mind the instability of soft-gel capsules while exposed to high temperatures and humidity.


Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.: A Huge Producer of Gelatin


Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., India's leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company, has a significant capacity for both soft and hard gelatin capsule production. It produces 60 million hard gelatin capsules and 5 million soft gelatin capsules monthly. Akums plant – it was designed and constructed in 2004 in 12200 Sq. meter area is wholly dedicated to manufacturing tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, dry syrups & sachet. The company is known for the quality it serves and is admired by both business associates or customers.


Key Takeaways

  • Soft Gel capsules and two pieces’ capsules are commonly used during any treatment.
  • The group seal is used to hold two-piece capsules together prevent the inner filling as well as providing extra strength to the shell itself, while soft gel capsules fully protect all sensitive ingredients within them.
  • Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of the principal names in Pharma Contract manufacturing bears a huge capacity to produce these types of capsules.