Best Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers for your Cosmetic Brands

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When it comes to cosmetics or beauty products, one size never fits all. Everyone is different and so is their skin, hair, lips, and whatnot. With this comes the difference in requirements of each. Did you know that based on your skin type you should choose your cosmetics products? One can only gauge the surge in cosmetics with the growth of this industry. In the forecast period of 2021–2028, the global market for cosmetics is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 5.0%, from $287.94 billion in 2021 to $415.29 billion in 2028.

Thanks to leading third-party cosmetic manufacturers, such as Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., which is at the forefront of supplying a myriad of cosmetic products to their partner companies based on their concerns. Let us now understand water and oil-based cosmetics that rule the roost of the cosmetic industry.

Water-Based Cosmetics

The major ingredient here is water or water-like. These are the best bet for people with oily and combination skin. People with sensitive skin should also be using this type of makeup to avoid any chance of irritation due to oily ingredients. These are quickly absorbed into the skin and have non-greasy consistency.

Oil-Based Cosmetics

For dry skin, oily products provide the much-needed glow as the skin normally looks dull and flat. The main component of these products is oil. Well, various types of oil that are deemed safe to be applied on the skin and/or hair come under this category. These leave behind a comparatively heavy feel as compared to water-based cosmetics.

For Consumers Wondering What to do if They Own Both Types of Products

Now that you are aware of the difference in the base of cosmetics in the makeup formulation, you might be wondering what to do if you have cosmetics with both water and oil bases. Fret not, we have got you covered. We won't tell you to discard one of them and stick to another. Here comes the savior suggestion: apply water-based products first and let your skin completely absorb them. Then go ahead with your oil-based products like you would normally do. The rule of thumb is to know that applying oil-based products first is simply a waste of your money, product, and expectations! Water will not cross through the oily layer. Yes, we know: this rang a bell and led you straight to the science classroom of school days.

Why Should Cosmetic Brands Rely on a Third-Party Cosmetics Manufacturer?

Cosmetic brands must ensure that they give due consideration to their customers' unique needs and preferences. It is customer satisfaction that drives any company to keep thriving to deliver the best results to its end-users. Best third-party cosmetics manufacturing companies such as Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. understand your brand needs and the market trends as they have been a witness to the transformation that this dynamic industry brings in. They, therefore, are adept at coming up with innovative solutions for their partner companies.

Be it the appeal or compactness of the containers to be easily carried on the go, Akums always put forth groundbreaking ideas that help cosmetic brands sail through the market demands. Developing a diverse product portfolio is the need of the hour due to increased awareness among people of their individual needs and they look out for products that are customized as per their skin requirements. By outsourcing manufacturing to third-party contract manufacturers, brands can bring their focus to their core competencies to run the business.