Advanced Nasal Spray Technology

Enhancing Patient Convenience and Comfort with Akums' Advanced Nasal Spray Technology

Commercially available drugs are typically delivered orally or through injections, but alternate delivery systems are being developed due to low absorption and first-pass metabolism. The pharmaceutical industry is now interested in the nasal route for delivering low molecular weight drugs, which have poor stability and are challenging to administer.

Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd has established itself as a trailblazer in the field of intranasal drug delivery. Their focus is on developing a non-invasive, fast-acting, and cost-effective nasal spray. Akums strives to produce a product that does not cause unpleasant odors or irritation, while also ensuring high patient compliance for steroidal, non-steroidal, and antibiotic nasal sprays. Their innovative approach to drug delivery through nasal sprays provides patients with an improved experience, making medication easier and more accessible.

Nasal Spray- Innovative Approach in Intranasal Drug Delivery

The nasal cavity is an excellent administration route for quick drug absorption and early commencement of the action, with high drug permeability and avoidance of hepatic first-pass impact because of its porous epitheliums, wide absorption surface, abundant subcutaneous blood capillaries, and low enzyme activity.

Quick onset of drug action: The nose's physical characteristics, such as rich blood circulation in the nasal mucosa, resulting in rapid drug absorption, a major benefit of nasal drug delivery. Akums' Fluticasone furoate and Azelastine combination therapy nasal spray can treat allergic and common rhinitis. Intranasal corticosteroid sprays are the most potent and effective treatments for allergic rhinitis, effectively reducing nasal mucosal inflammation and improving mucosal pathology through their anti-inflammatory action.

Systemic Delivery: Intranasal administration, specifically through a nasal spray, has gained significance as a potential alternative to oral and parenteral administration in recent years.