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Akums Lifesciences Ltd. is a vertically integrated company that develops, manufactures, and sells Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), High Potency API, and API intermediates. Our unique research and synthesis facility reflects our commitment to research and innovation. The world-class manufacturing facilities at Akums are spread across 3 locations in India, one unit in Haryana and two in Punjab. These facilities are benchmarked to international standards and set to meet the rigorous quality guideline (ICH-Q series, Eudralex, WHO & PIC’s), which is critical in achieving our global growth aspirations.

As a leading API supplier, our regulatory-approved facilities enable us to supply our partners across 51 countries with a broad portfolio of products. Our expertise spans a variety of chemical processes, including Beta Lactams (Cephalosphorin and Penem), Heterocyclic chemistry, Carbohydrates chemistry, Steroids & stereochemistry. Additionally, we manage enzyme conversions for some of our products. Our manufacturing capacity for various categories ranges from 750MT/year to 1200MT/Year.

Akums continues to invest substantial resources towards sustaining and continuously improving the standards of environment, occupational health and safety as it believes that its responsibility towards the society and the environment extends beyond those laid down by the regulatory authorities.

Akums stands out as a prominent API manufacturer in India, playing a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. Its commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the diverse range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) it produces, which form the basis of numerous medicines. With cutting-edge facilities and a stringent adherence to international quality standards, Akums has established itself as the preferred partner for pharmaceutical companies seeking high-quality APIs for their formulations. This dedication underscores Akums' significance in India's pharmaceutical landscape, driving the industry's growth and development.

Our API Manufacturing Capacity




Focused On Beta Lactams and Cephalosporins



In Punjab and Haryana, Designed as per WHO and US FDA Standards



KL Capacity

Across 100+ Reactors




Across 25+ Countries




Bring expertise to boost quality and efficiency, and reduce downtime




Ensure continuous research and development of APIs


Product CEP

(10-15 in pipeline)

API Quality in line with European standards

Our Core Strengths 

Akums Lalru unit Non-Beta Lactam Facility

Facilities for Cephalosporins (Dera Bassi) & Lifestyle Drugs (Lalru)


Fully Equipped QC Labs with Microbiology Labs

Akums API In-House-Solvent-Recovery-facility

In House Solvent Recovery Facility

Akums API Fully-Equipped-QC-Labs-with-microbiology

Well Established QM Systems

Akums API Separate-Hazardous-Chemical-Store-Area

Separate Hazardous Chemical Store Area

Akums API oral-sterile-manufacturing-blocks

Multipurpose/ Dedicated Oral & Sterile Manufacturing Blocks

Akums API plant Power Backup

100% Power Backup

Akums API dedicated warehouse for RM & FG

Dedicated Warehouses for RM and FG

Reaction Capabilities

  • Grignard Reaction
  • Wittig Reaction
  • Aldol Condensation Products
  • Metal Reductions
  • Oxidation
  • Hydrogenation Reaction
  • Metal Hydride Reduction
  • Reactions in Cryogenic Reactors
  • Esterification Reactions
  • Sand Meyer Reactions
  • Intra molecular Cyclization
  • Fischer Indole Synthesis
  • Silylation Reactions
  • Friedel Craft Reactions
  • Diazotization Reactions
  • Pall Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis
  • Mannich Reaction
  • Amide Coupling
  • Epoxidation

Our API Specialization

Akums API lab


We have a development facility in Barwala-Haryana, India. Our strong scientific capabilities in synthetic chemistry,analytical chemistry and process engineering......

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Akums API lab Chemical Synthesis


Our capabilities include multistep synthesis & scale-up. We have the expertise to perform versatile chemical reactions, route scouting, process development.....

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Akums Lifesciences has experienced global regulatory expertise focused on international markets. Our top-class quality and CGMP compliance are designed to ensure our products.......

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Akums API plant US FDA Accreditation


Akums API plant WHO Certified


Akums API plant EU GMP certified

European GMP


Akums API Dera-Bassi


Dedicated to manufacturing Beta-lactam range of API’s Capacity of ~1,00MT/year of Cephalosporin range of API’s 90KL reaction capacity equipped to carry out a multistep synthesis. A total of 9 production suites is spread over 98,900 sq. Meter.

Akums API Lalru


Non-beta-lactam facility manufacturing 30+ APIs 150 KL reaction capacity with 3 manufacturing plants equipped with 6 clean rooms spread over 73,100 Sq. Meter. Facility is fully compliant with the latest EHS norms with zero liquid discharge facility.

Akums API Barwala


Facility is spread over 8,600 Sq Meter located in HSIDC industrial area. Facility comprises state-of-art R&D center for development & contract research & custom synthesis. Facility also has a separate small volume, highly potent CGMP API manufacturing facility for oncology & other OEB5 level synthesis.


Akums Pharmaceuticals specializes in the production of high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) used as crucial components in pharmaceutical formulations.

Akums manufactures a wide range of APIs catering to various therapeutic categories, ensuring diverse options for pharmaceutical formulations.

Our APIs undergo stringent quality control procedures, adhering to international standards, ensuring their purity, potency, and compliance with regulations.

Akums Pharmaceuticals possesses necessary regulatory approvals and certifications for API manufacturing, ensuring adherence to industry guidelines.

Through continuous research and development, we explore new API synthesis methods, contributing to innovation and advancements in pharmaceuticals.

Our advanced manufacturing facilities boast substantial production capacities, enabling us to meet various API manufacturing demands effectively.

Akums Pharmaceuticals serves not only the Indian market but also global clients, providing API manufacturing services to diverse regions.

Our APIs undergo rigorous quality assessments, conforming to international standards to ensure they meet the highest quality benchmarks.

Yes, we offer API scale-up and optimization services to facilitate the transition from laboratory to commercial production, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Absolutely, we provide comprehensive API-related analytical services, including testing for purity, stability, and other critical parameters.

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    Understanding API Manufacturing:

    An API manufacturer in India specializes in producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), which are essential components in pharmaceutical formulations. APIs are the biologically active compounds responsible for the therapeutic effects of medications.

    Exploring Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs):

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the core therapeutic substances within medications. They are responsible for the intended physiological effect of a drug. APIs can be synthesized through chemical processes or extracted from natural sources, and they form the basis of various pharmaceutical formulations.

    Range of API Products:

    API manufacturers in India produce a wide range of active ingredients that serve as the foundation for different medications. These include antibiotics, pain relievers, antihypertensives, antidiabetic agents, and more. API manufacturers play a crucial role in ensuring the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products.

    The Significance of APIs in Pharmaceuticals:

    APIs are the vital components that determine a drug’s therapeutic action. They interact with specific receptors or targets in the body, producing the desired effect. Pharmaceutical formulations combine APIs with other inactive ingredients to create dosage forms like tablets, capsules, and injections that are safe, effective, and easy to administer.