Business Model


Akums is known for developing new formulations, undertaking bioequivalence studies, and clinical trials, and obtaining the Drug Controller General of India’s (DCGI) approval for manufacturing and marketing of new Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) & molecules. Akums also offers new formulations developed with Akums’s technology to its customers under their brand names. Akums also manufactures innovative and technology-driven products

Akums focus


CRAMS - Akums Business Model

Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)

Technology Transfer - Akums Business Model

Technology Transfer

Loan License - Akums Business Model

Loan License

Contract Development - Akums Business Model

Contract Development

N.D.D.S - Akums Business Model

Novel Drug Delivery systems (N.D.D.S)

1st time launches in India - Akums Business Model

Novel / 1st time launches in India with DCGI Approvals

Technical collaboration & Joint venture - Akums Business Model

Technical Collaboration & Joint Venture