Akums manufacturers 140.00 million tablets in a day.
21.00 million hard gelatin capsules in a day.
4.50 million soft gelatin capsules in a day.
2.01 million liquid Orals.
2.07 million sachets.
1.96 million vials.
1.07 million ampoules in a day.
0.75 million FFS.
0.61 Topical Preparations.
0.30 million 3-Piece Eye/Nasal Drops.

Akums has its manufacturing plants at the heart of eternal & holy land of Haridwar known as “Gateway to Gods”.

  • State of the Art, World Class Production Facilities with years of Manufacturing Experience.

  • Top Quality Certifications & Export Accreditation’s.

  • DSIR Approved R&D Facilities & NABL Accredited Laboratories