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Financial Results 2022-23 ADPL

Financial Results 2022-23

Separate Audited Financials of Subsidiaries

Financials AHL FY 2022-23

Financials Akumentis FY 2022-23

Financials Akums Lifesciences FY 2022-23

Financials Amazing FY 2022-23

Financials Malik FY 2022-23

Financials Maxcure FY 2022-23

Financials May & Baker FY 2022-23

Financials Medibox FY 2022-23

Financials Plenteous FY 2022-23

Financials Pure & Cure FY 2022-23

Financials SGA FY 2022-23

Financials Unosource FY 2022-23

Financials Upadhrish FY 2022-23

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